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This show ran in 2022- 5 through January 22 for

 "Out to Lunch"

co-produced by RKP Productions and Anchorage Community Theatre.

Performances are at Anchorage Community Theatre.

Showing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm

and Sunday at 3pm

Tickets are available at or 907-344-4713

1133 E 70th Ave, Anchorage AK

RKP Productions and Anchorage Community Theatre present

Out to Lunch; a Political Comedy.  The setting is a city council meeting in an unnamed small town. The mayor expects a quick vote from the 6 person council to decide if they should accept the offer of free covid vaccine for the community. But  every council member has a different reason why they should or should not vote yes. Every conspiracy theory  we've heard these last  few years about  vaccines, fake news, government takeover, Bill Gates, and more becomes part of the ensuing dialog, some of which is bitingly funny.  But like a good comedy, there is  an undercurrent of sadness as we realize how ineffective the government has become and how the democratic process doesn't always work well. 

Out to Lunch Poster.jpg
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Mark Stoneburner


Nava Sarracino


Skyler  Ray Benson Davis


Jim Haacke


Mark Robokoff


ShaeLisa M Anderson


RKP Production Team

RKP Productions is pleased to be presenting this theatre work along with Anchorage Community Theatre


Dick Reichman for bio.jpg

Dick Reichman

Dick lives on Government Hill with his wife, Christine, and his daughter, Amanda. He has been part of the Anchorage theater scene for the past quarter century. As a playwright he has had ten full-length plays produced at Cyrano’s Theatre over the years, two of which have been recently revived by RKP Productions. Working with Jerry and Sandy Harper from the beginning, he directed and acted in a great many shows at Cyrano’s. He has also directed for Anchorage Community Theater and acted for Perseverance Theater. He is currently a board member of ACT and, with the passing of Bob Pond, stage director for RKP.


Bruce Kelly

Photo Accredited to
David Jenson Photography.


Audrey Weltman Kelly

Photo Accredited to
David Jenson Photography.

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